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Tierney’s shot at history

Renee Tierney stretches for a mark in Geelong Falcon’s NAB League Girls win over Bendigo Pioneers earlier in the 2021 season.. (Geelong Falcons Image/Kelvin Gray)

RENEE Tierney has the chance to create an unlikely piece of history in Sunday’s NAB League Girls Grand Final.

The star Geelong Falcons forward would become the first player to feature in two premiership teams at state underage level after being part of the club’s TAC Cup-winning team in 2018.

At just 15, Tierney was the baby of the team that defeated the Northern Knights at Werribee’s Avalon Airport Oval – the same venue the Falcons will face the Oakleigh Chargers this weekend.

“When I reflect, I think of how great Denby Taylor was, and to see her and Liv (Purcell) and Nina (Morrison) and Lucy (McEvoy) and all these girls that are playing AFLW, I think, “wow, I got to play with those girls in my very first year and win a flag”,” she said.

“My greatest memory is being able to say, “I played in a grand final and won win those girls”.

And it’s those memories she intends to share with her teammates as the Falcons build-up to the decider.

“I’ll probably give them a spiel about how it’s come full circle for me,” Tierney said.

“It would be pretty cool to start on (grand final) win and end on a win.

“A few of the younger girls that are here know of that team. But a lot of the younger girls don’t know that team we did have.

“I’m sure I’ll be mentioning I want another one (premiership) on Sunday.”

Tierney, who holds the Falcons record for games played (28) and goals (34), has kicked 14 majors this season, including two in the preliminary final win over the GWV Rebels.

The 18-year-old (she turns 19 on May 23) was eligible for the AFLW draft last year but wasn’t fazed at being unable to find a home.

“As much as the draft went ahead, two games wasn’t enough for people like me to show what we could do and how we play,” Tierney said.

But I’m very grateful I’ve been able to go through this all again. I think it has been one of the most enjoyable and strongest years.

“I know a lot of girls like Darcy (Moloney) that did get drafted missed on that final year of enjoying Falcons.”

Tierney is the first to admit her fitness and running aren’t her strongest suit and says accepting her strength is as a key forward has been crucial for her development.

“I know I’m never going to be a runner – that’s not who I am,” she said.

“I know that I can play forward, and I can play it pretty damn well. I like to think I have accepted where I’m at.

I’m a forward, and that’s what I can bring to a team; that’s what I provide to this team.

“My strongest points are my marking and my kicking, and that’s what I can do.”

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