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Mixed emotions at no action

St Mary’s co-coach Glenn Keast. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

FRUSTRATION and disappointment have dominated sentiment among local football clubs following AFL Barwon’s decision not to resume the BFL and GFL seasons on Saturday.

On Thursday morning, the local governing body confirmed that senior football and netball would remain on hold for another week.

St Mary’s co-coach Glenn Keast is among those frustrated at the season being paused for a third consecutive week.

“This time last year, we weren’t playing because the government decided it wasn’t the right thing to do,” he said.

“Now it’s been ticked off, and we can’t as a footy and netball community get aligned on how to make that work when there’s clearly going to be other clubs and leagues playing this weekend.

“There’s got to be a safe way to do this. We’ve had a lot of time sitting on our a****s to work this out, and we can’t work it out, which is frustrating.”

Colac president Matt Gibson says AFL Barwon’s hands are tied by the restrictions put in place by the State Government.

“Higher up the chain is just failing us in being able to understand the full effects of the impact it is having,” he said.

‘The risk with the virus versus the risk of being able to have people being able to live some sort of normal life, there’s a big gap there at the moment.”

Gibson says the restrictions put an onus on the volunteers that is “undue”.

He says there is also a financial impact, but that doesn’t factor into their decision-making.

“It’s more about getting back out there and playing and showing that we can do it and make these things happen.

“It wouldn’t want to go on another week, put it that way.

“We need to get back playing, and back to some sort of normality of life, and not letting this virus control our lives.”

Barwon Heads president Tim Goddard was supportive of AFL Barwon’s decision.

“It’s disappointing, but it seems sensible given the restrictions on 150 people,” he said.

“It would have been hard on everybody. You’re in the spotlight; people are looking for breaches, I would have thought.”

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