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Giant’s coaching taste

Scott Frangos in action for Geelong West. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG West star Scott Frangos has a greater appreciation for what it takes to lead a GFL club as a playing coach after getting a taste of the role in Saturday night’s win over Lara.

The 2019 GFL Team of the Year member has spent the last couple of years as an assistant coach. But with Giants mentor Greg Mellor forced into home quarantine after returning from Queensland, he was tasked with preparing the Giants for the clash with the Cats and leading them on game day.

“I’ve played under a lot of playing coaches, and I’ve got a lot more respect for what they did in trying to get a whole team up, and not just yourself ready to play,” he said.

“There are different aspects, like mental preparation and stuff like that.

“It was new, I enjoyed it, but it was something I wasn’t really used to.”

Mellor, who watched a live stream of the match, stayed in constant communication with his coaching staff via WhatsApp.

“Rick Wilde and Josh Montano, who are midfield and forward coaches, generally work up there (in the grandstand), and Darren Forssman works the bench,” he said.

“So, they’re on a WhatsApp call anyway – conversations going on throughout the whole game.

“It was easy; I just dialled into that.”

Both Frangos and Mellor admitted to concerns at half-time when Lara led by three points.

“We knew what we were trying to achieve; it’s just that we weren’t executing,” Frangos said.

“Credit to Lara, they played the way they were coached, and they did a great job, and we were playing right into their hands.

“I knew if we could do those things, we could answer back with scoreboard pressure.

“It’s one of those games we felt like we were on the cusp of taking, but we just weren’t taking our opportunities.”

Mellor, whose quarantine ended just over three following the match’s conclusion, says Lara played a “pretty smart brand of footy”.

“They clogged up the corridor, and they had a couple of numbers sliding back,” he said.

“And we kept trying to play fast and as not as smart as what we should have and used up our numbers behind the footy.

“But, credit to the boys, they were able to work their way through it.”

Frangos is keen to coach in the future in his own right but happy to protect his 100 per cent winning record for the moment.

“It’s definitely a goal; I’ve always enjoyed it,” he said.

“I’ve come through coaching juniors then made the progression to taking the senior backline when Darren Bennett left.

“I enjoyed it, but it’s something I’m not really thinking about too much now.

“I’m just happy being an assistant.”

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