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Coaches commit to Seagulls

North Shore co-coach Darren Winter. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

DARREN Winter and Nick Dixon will continue the rebuild at Windsor Reserve after being reappointed co-coaches of North Shore for 2022.

Seagulls president Dale Purcell confirmed to krockfootball.com.au the Tasmanian-based Winter and star midfielder Dixon would remain in the hot seat.

“It was good to get it over and done with,” Purcell said. “I think they were always keen, but you never know until you bring it up and talk to the boys.

“They were pretty adamant they wanted to keep building on what they’ve started and keep moving us in the right direction.

“I think we are.”


Despite Winter and Dixon only appointed to the role for this year in January, there have been signs of improvement from North Shore.

After going through 2019 with an average losing margin of 109 points, that has been reduced to 70 points this year.

The Seagulls are also better offensively. In 2019, their scoring average was just 32 points per game. This year it’s at 53 after the opening seven rounds.

“It takes time to come back from where we were,” Purcell said.

“The boys, with a year under their belt and a proper go at it next year with pre-season, recruiting, and all that can only help since it was a late start this year.

“I think they’ve done a fantastic job, and it will hold us in good stead going forward.”


In further good news for the Seagulls, Geelong Falcon Kyle Skene has lodged a clearance to the club from GFL rival Newtown & Chilwell.

Skene has played three games at NAB League level this year.

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