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Put yourself in our shoes – Smith

Werribee Centrals coach Nick Smith speaks to his players during the first semi-final win over Inverleigh. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WERRIBEE Centrals co-coach Nick Smith has urged the 11 other GDFL clubs to spare a thought for his club ahead of Wednesday night’s meeting of club delegates.

The meeting is expected to discuss how the GDFL handles the Centurions’ unique situation in which Victoria’s COVID restrictions for metro Melbourne may prevent them from playing if the competition resumes as planned on June 19.

Smith said he spoke with Centrals president Chris Kopolke to explain how he believes the GDFL should handle the situation.

“The argument I put forward – and it might sound a little bit ludicrous – we’re happy for the comp to continue, they’ve just got to gives us a win every week (until we can play),” he said.

“If you don’t do that, how do we compete? We can’t compete; it’s not fair.

“If they (GDFL) want to keep playing, then give whoever we’re playing and us a win so there’s no disadvantage to us.

“You can argue that that’s an advantage, but it’s either that or don’t play then.”


Smith says it wouldn’t be just to declare the matches involving Centrals a draw and award both clubs two points.

“You can’t argue that it’s fair,” he said.

“If this goes on for two or three weeks and we keep getting two points, two points, two points, then we’re going to be six points behind Inverleigh, Bannockburn, can’t make top three from nothing that we did for a competition that continues without us.

“I understand that that will sound ludicrous if you are Inverleigh or Bannockburn because they will argue, “well, hang on, you’re getting a win every weekend”. But you get to keep playing.

Smith has posed the question to Centrals rivals; “what would you want to happen if it was your club?”

“Let’s say they have a lockdown in Inverleigh,” Smith said. “What do they want the rest of us 11 teams to do now that it’s them?

“Do they want us to continue without them? And are they happy just to take a draw every week?

“There’s no way Buck’s (Adam Donohue) going to sit with that, is he?

“That means you’re going to have to tell your players that for the next few weeks, we can’t win. We haven’t lost because we got two points.

“But we’re losing ground to the top three teams every week that we’re out.

“I think that’s worth considering.”

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