K rock Football

Inspired move pays off

AN inspired coaching move by Bannockburn coach Peter Riccardi has paid off in spades as the Tigers saw off Thomson by 32 points in a rematch of the 2019 grand final.

Riccardi swung midfield gun Jack Brauman forward in the second quarter, and he went on to kick eight goals in a match-winning performance.

“We were going forward a fair bit in the first quarter, but we weren’t getting any results out of it,” he told The Wash-up podcast.

“I spoke to Dash (assistant coach Darren Milburn) and a couple of the assistant coaches and said, “what if we tried Jack across half-forward and see how that goes?”.

“Well, he’s popped up and kicked four goals in the second quarter, and we thought, “well, we might just keep him there for a bit”.

“But it helps when you’ve got Dan Measures and Matt James and Joey Fama going through the middle as well, so we’re not really robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

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