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Hawk midfielder suspended

Blake Hutchinson in action for Inverleigh in 2018. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

INVERLEIGH midfielder Blake Hutchison has accepted a one-week suspension after being reported for striking Bell Post Hill star Chris Moreland before Saturday’s win at Myers Reserve.

Hutchison, who was playing his first game for the club since 2018 after a stint at Corio, was reported by the umpire ahead of the opening bounce of the clash with the Panthers.

If Bell Post Hill is happy with the sanction, Hutchison will miss this week’s meeting with East Geelong.

In other incidents assessed by the AFL Barwon Match Review Panel;

The vision of potential high contact between Leopold’s Tom Gordon and St Mary’s Ned Shannon was reviewed after a request from the officiating umpire following Saturday night’s match at Anthony Costa Oval.

However, the MRP didn’t deem the incident to be a reportable one.

And an incident involving Gordon’s Lions teammate James Cleaver and an unknown St Mary’s player was also reviewed at the request of the officiating umpire.

But with no footage of the alleged incident, no charge has been laid.

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