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GDFL to wait for Centrals

Werribee Centrals will make its first final appearances in six years on Saturday. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WERRIBEE Centrals won’t have to worry about falling behind in the GDFL premiership race with rival clubs agreeing to pause the season until the Centurions are clear to play.

Centrals’ situation was on the agenda as the clubs and the GDFL executive met on Wednesday night.

It cAME after Centurions co-coach Nick Smith claimed his team should be awarded four points for every game it missed so as not to be disadvantaged.

Their location inside the metropolitan Melbourne boundary has them living under different COVID restrictions to the other 11 regionally-based GDFL teams, including a ban on senior community sport.

GDFL action wasn’t fixtured for Queen’s Birthday weekend. However, play is due to resume on June 19, when it is hoped the Centurions will be able to take the field.

If they can’t, league president Neville Whitley says they’ll wait until Centrals can.

“Because Werribee Centrals are a vital club in our league, we’ll wait until they’re able to play,” he said.

“And our clubs didn’t want to get started because they’re not allowed to have much in the way of crowds.

“That creates a drama as well; how do you control it, and you need income.

“So, they’ve decided that it’s wise to withhold our start until Werribee Centrals can play and metropolitan Melbourne lifts its restrictions.”


Whitley says it won’t only be Centrals to benefit from any further delay.

“Anakie is another club that recruits out of Werribee and the metropolitan area,” he said.

“So that came into consideration as well.”

Centrals are due to host Bell Post Hill when the competition resumes at Round 8.

Whitley says if the venue cap is more stringent in metro areas than regional, the GDFL would consider adjusting the fixture.

“It is something we would have to look at because we want to get up and running as quick as we can,” he said.

However, if 16 rounds are played, Centrals at this stage will only play seven home games.

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