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GDFL confirms Round 8 return

Action from the Round 2 GDFL clash between North Geelong and Winchelsea. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GDFL president Neville Whitley says the importance of every club playing each other once is behind the league’s decision to remove rounds from the back-end of the season.

Following a meeting of the GDFL executive on Wednesday night, Whitley has confirmed the football and netball season will recommence at Round 8 when Victorian government restrictions allow for outdoor senior community sport.

With clubs not keen to play on the vacant Queen’s Birthday weekend, the best-case scenario for the GDFL is a return to play on June 19 and a home-and-away season of 16 rounds before finals start on August 21.

“We’re up to Round 7, so we’ve only got four games to go to complete that (first round of matches),” Whitley said.

“We should get that in throughout the year, I would hope.”

An area of concern for the GDFL is whether the restrictions covering metropolitan Melbourne are eased enough to allow Werribee Centrals to participate.

“It all comes under the government rulings what Werribee Centrals will be allowed to do, as far training and playing go,” Whitley said.

“At this stage, if it stays as it is going forward, Werribee will be a victim of the rulings of the government.

“We don’t know whether we’ll have to drop Werribee out for the rest of the season or not.

“But we don’t want to do that because they’re part of our league.”

Whitley concedes an exemption for Centrals to compete if restrictions didn’t allow them to would be highly unlikely.

He says other clubs in the competition will also be impacted, with a number having players that live inside the metropolitan ring.

“It’s not just Werribee Centrals; Anakie have got a group of players that come from Werribee and the western suburbs of Melbourne,” Whitely said.

“There are some netballers that come out of Melbourne to play in our competition/

“So, there are all those things to consider.”

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