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Financial boost for GDFL clubs

Geelong West and North Geelong in action during 2021. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

THE GDFL’s 12 clubs will share in a $120,000 financial windfall from the league’s coffers.

President Neville Whitley has confirmed to krockfootball.com.au each club will receive $10,000 to spend how it sees fit.

“With the season cut short, we saved some money, so we decided to give a $10,000 dividend to each of the 12 clubs,” Whitley said.

“Financially, they (the clubs) should be alright because Buckleys gave them dividends over the last 18 months, and we’ve given them a dividend as well.

“I think our clubs are financially sound, but there’s always room for taking some extra.”


GDFL clubs are some of the best looked after in the state, with the league covering a wide range of expenses, including umpire fees, footballs and medical supplies.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the league’s executive on Wednesday night will discuss how this year’s Whitley Medal will be announced.

Whitley says the GDFL has been holding off, hoping it could have a function with clubs in attendance.

However, he says an online event is now looking likely, similar to the BFL and GFL’s presentation nights.

“At this stage, it looks like it will be Zoom that we’ll be using, and we’ll get it over and out of the way,” Whitley said.

“We’ll look at a presentation later in the year.”

Discussions around what shape the fixture will take for 2022 are also on the agenda.

The GDFL has used a rolling draw since the return to the competition of Inverleigh and Winchelsea in 2002.

“Do we pick it up from where we were, or do we start from scratch?” Whitley said. “We’ll present that at our annual meeting.

“Some clubs want to have night games and Sunday, and we’ll see if we can give them their preferences.”

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