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Centrals call for investigation

AFL Barwon has been asked to investigate an incident that left Werribee Centrals captain Matt Miller with a broken jaw. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WERRIBEE Centrals have lodged an investigation request after captain Matt Miller was left with a broken jaw during Saturday’s loss to Bannockburn at Galvin Park.

Centurions co-coach Nick Smith says the former Leopold star requires surgery and is facing between 6-8 weeks on the sidelines.

“Unfortunately, the footage didn’t pick it up, and it looks like they’re (AFL Barwon Match Review Panel) are only laying charges if they can get it off the footage,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it felt like we had to draw it to their attention, considering Bannockburn did the same with some other actions that happened throughout the game.”

Smith didn’t see the alleged incident, but says Miller is adamant about how the break occurred.

However, Smith is concerned that with no footage, there will be no justice for Miller.

“We’ve just had two guys rubbed out off what we consider to be flaming pretty ordinary footage,” he said.

“But, again, I don’t know what you have to do to prove if you don’t have any footage, other than the fact a guy’s got a broken jaw – and there was only one guy with him at the time.”

Umpires requested the AFL Barwon Match Review Panel look at an alleged incident between Miller and Tiger Will Middleton during the second quarter.

But, with no footage, no charge was laid by the MRP.

“It is interesting that the umpires did request (the MRP) to look at footage of the incident, so they knew something happened,” Smith said.

“But, when there’s no footage, what does that mean?

“We’re not having a go at the umpires – they can’t see everything. But it’s interesting why would they request footage of it?

“We’re hoping that adds some strength to the fact something happened, and he didn’t break his jaw in any other incident.”

Werribee Centrals’ request came not long after it indicated it would challenge the suspensions offered to Nathan Johnson and James Gough at the AFL Barwon Tribunal on Wednesday night.

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