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Bews’ big call


Jackson Bews in action for Anglesea this year. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

JACKSON Bews has admitted to a few sleepless nights before telling Anglesea he was leaving after six seasons at Ellimatta Reserve.

The 2018 joint-Ash medalist was last week announced as a signing by North Geelong, joining his Dad Andrew, uncles Grant and Stephen, and grandfather Ray in wearing the black-and-white stripes.

“I have lost a bit of sleep working out how to get the confidence to make that call because Anglesea’s just a terrific club,” Bews said. “I’m so thankful for the opportunity they’ve given me.

“And the relationship we’ve had with the community down there – it’s a terrific place.

“I wish them the best of luck. There’s so much hope with Jordan Keras coming onto the scene.

“They’re going to do great things next year.”


Bews, who lives within five minutes of North’s Keith Barclay Oval base, says with a young family, says the twice-weekly trek 40 minutes to training was a factor in his decision.

“You get to that stage in your life where your priorities do change a bit,” he said. “With football, it’s hard to get that balance right.

“Unfortunately, it was just getting a bit too hard to travel down to Anglesea and to get that high level of professionalism.

“You want to put as much as you can into your footy, and with the imbalance of commitments, it was hard to do that.”

Bews says his Dad is “pretty excited” at the prospect of the family name being carried on at the Magpies.

“He’s pretty pumped, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be putting his hand up to help where he can,” Bews said.

“He’s just got more reason with his son playing there.

“There’s certainly a strong family connection there, and the club itself is one of the oldest in existence.

“It will be a privilege to put the name on the list of players there.”

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