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Think outside the square – Clark

Queenscliff coach Steve Clark. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

THE Geelong region’s most experienced coach has taken a thinly-veiled swipe at local counterparts concerned at the potential of their players having to play this Saturday off the back of no training.

Queenscliff’s Steve Clark, who has more than 350 games of experience under his belt with the Coutas, St Albans and Leopold, has no issue with his players taking on Barwon Heads if Victoria’s COVID restrictions are lifted to the point where community sport is permitted.

“I do not subscribe to the theory that one or two weeks off is going to ‘underdo’ them that much that they cannot play if they do not train as a group for a week,” he said.

“How many players get through this time of year on one night a week, or are rested a couple of nights or a week and play on the Saturday?

It’s not like players cannot do anything of their own accord to stay in shape.

“You just need to think outside the square and not live in it.”

Clark says every club is in the same boat, and that no one has been advantaged or disadvantaged by the break.

“The ones that need more training under their belt and can’t play won’t play,” he added.

“No different to any other week regarding having to make those calls.”

Clark says the Coutas have organised strength and conditioning sessions via Zoom, with players also provided with a running program.

“If we are playing Saturday, we will have a Zoom team meeting on Thursday night to announce the teams, etc.,” he said.

“We will not be organising a training session on Friday night as I don’t believe it is required.

“If these boys do not know what they are doing, and are not match fit at this time of the year to miss a week’s training, then they never will be.

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