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Season over for key Dees trio

Portarlington’s Joel Trezise (right) will miss the rest of the BFL season. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

PORTARLINGTON will be without key trio Joel Trezise, Brock Wells and Jack Benjamin for the remainder of the season.

Coach Pete O’Connor has confirmed all three won’t see action again in 2021 – a further blow for the struggling Demons, who sit winless on the bottom of the BFL ladder.

Trezise continues to be impacted by the effects of a concussion suffered in Portarlington’s loss to Modewarre on May 8.

“He got tackled out at Modewarre – it was a fair tackle, but the player might have landed on him, and he hit his head on the ground,” O’Connor said.

“He wasn’t well after the game; he had double-vision after the game, and that’s lasted ever since.

“He’s got some sort of nerve damage that’s causing him to have constant double-vision.

“The specialists have said that it’s a 95 per cent chance the nerve will recover, but at the moment, he’s got to wear these glasses that if put them on, I’d see double.

“But, if he puts them on, he sees single.”

O’Connor says Wells, who joined the club after previously playing US College baseball, has a broken vertebra.

“He was complaining of a bit of a sore back, then he got tackled in the Queenscliff game and landed on his back,” O’Connor said.

“The doctor seems to think he might have had a crack in the vertebra, but it was enough to open it up and turn it into a break.

Benjamin is recovering from a broken arm suffered in the Demons’ reserve grade clash with the Coutas.

The club’s leading goalkicker was on his way back from a hamstring injury.

“He landed awkwardly on his arm … and he a bit of nerve damage in there as well,” O’Connor said.

“It’s not just a straightforward break, so he’ll have a minimum of six weeks in plaster.

“So that puts an end to his season as well.

“In 2-3 weeks, we’ve lost three of our better players.”

O’Connor says despite the injury issues and an average losing margin of 129 points, morale is still high at Ron Evans Oval.

“I think because we’ve been honest with the players from the start, they knew what they were in for,” he said.

“Scoreboard-wise, it’s been reasonably hard. But, I think everyone was realistic going on.”

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