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Darke shining bright for Tigers

Torquay star James Darke. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

STAR Torquay midfielder James Darke has received high praise from coach Dom Gleeson for his start to the BFL season.

The two-time Ash medallist has been a vital part of the Tigers’ 8-0 record, including a come-from-behind 54-point win over Anglesea in Round 8

Making Darke’s form even more impressive is that he last played a senior BFL match in 2018 after travelling the following year and missing 2020 due to the COVID shutdown.

“Darkey has been incredible all year,” Gleeson told The Wash-up podcast.

“His first half (against the Roos) – he and Cal Currie really shone for us throughout the midfield and forward.

“Our back six held up really well, but they were the only two forward of the ball that were giving a little bit.

“Darkey, I can’t separate his eight games he’s played. He’s been in sensational form.

“He’s first to admit he’s pretty hard on himself, and he wants to get the best out of himself.

“But, he’s been incredible this year.”

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