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Another Miers special

Geelong Falcons star Gryan Miers. (AFL Victoria Image/Scott Barbour)

LIKE Steele Sidebottom and Amom Buchanan before him, Gryan Miers looks set to rocket up the AFL National Draft rankings following his best-on-ground heroics in Geelong Falcons’ two-point TAC Cup premiership win.

Miers finished with seven goals, including four in the Falcons’ eight-goal third quarter burst that proved just enough to hold off a rampaging Sandringham Dragons.

“It hasn’t really kicked in yet, but I’ll take it on board,” Miers said when asked what impact his performance might have on his future.

“I can’t complain about it.”

His performance also drew rave reviews from coach Danny O’Keefe.

“He;s a special player,” O’Keefe said. “We knew he’s a big game player as well and you need these people in your team when you’re going to go all the way like we have.

“He’s got this uncanny ability to shoot up the goals from anywhere, and you kook at his first goal, he’s kicked it out of nowhere in the pocket, and that just sums Gryan up to a tee.

“He deserves everything he gets tonight, he worked his bum off all pre-season, he came with a different mindset this year and its certainly paid off for him this year that’s for sure, and hopefully it pays off for him in a couple of months time.”

Making Miers performance even more astonishing was the fact he was forced into a new pair of boots just moments before running out on to Etihad Stadium.

Miers had kicked 43 majors for the season in the same pair of boots, but they were unable to hold up for one last outing

“They were always tearing in the last few rounds and I thought they would just make out the season,” he said.

“I tried to tape it up but it wasn’t worth it.”

Miers inished with 50 goals for the season, just the fourth player in Falcons’ history after Scott Lucas, Ben Broad and Buchanan to top the half-century.

With a spot on an AFL list beckoning, he was happy to provide some words of wisdom for future Falcons.

“Listen to the coaches; they know what’s right and what’s wrong,” he said.

“And just stick to the process, and if you do that every year, we’re capable of winning it each year.”

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