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Anglesea (7th) vs. Portarlington (8th)

Alcoa Oval

Sunday, April 30, 2:10pm

ANGLESEA and Portarlington have played out one of the games of the year, with the Roos winning a 41-goal shootout by 12 points at Alcoa Oval.

With the margin just four points in favour of the home team at three-quarter time, the two sides kicked a combined 13 goals in the final term, with Anglesea hanging on for their first win since its opening round victory against Drysdale.

Dale Carson slammed home six goals for the Roos, while Blake Grant managed four and Marcus Smith.

Carson’s St Joseph’s premiership teammates were among the best for Anglesea, which faces a crucial clash with Queenscliff in Round 6.

Michael McNeill kicked a career-high five goals for the Demons, while Chris Daniele chimed in with three.

Daniele and Nick O’Neill did all they could to get Portarlington over the line.

The will head back to the Surf Coast next week to play Torquay.

Anglesea  4.6,  10.8,  14.10,  21.12  (138)

Portarlington  3.3,  8.4,  14.6,  20.6  (126)

GOALS, Anglesea : D. Carson 6, B. Grant 4, M. Smith 3, H. Foss 2, R. Williams 2, R. Dahlhaus 1,
D. Bell-Warren 1, J. Nolan 1, J. Bews 1

Portarlington : M. McNeill 5, C. Daniele 3, S. Hicks 2, D. Weir 2, J. Smith 2, T. Dewey 2,
K. Jones 1, R. Thompson 1, S. Lucas 1, R. McAuliffe 1

BEST, Anglesea : R. Williams, H. Foss, D. Carson, S. Horne, L. Skewes, R. Dahlhaus

Portarlington : N. O’Neill, S. Lucas, C. Daniele, J. Smith, C. Olsson, P. Davis