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Worth the wait for Luka

Richmond has drafted Luka Lesosky-Hay. (Geelong Falcons Image/Brian Bartlett)

LUKA Lesosky-Hay spent AFLW Draft day hoping for the best and bracing for the worst.

Having been overlooked in last year’s draft, you couldn’t blame the Geelong Falcons premiership player for being slightly pessimistic about her chances of getting a chance at the top flight.

But it came, with Richmond, where Lesosky-Hay was a training partner last season, using its final selection (No.52) – and the second last pick for a Victorian club – on the midfielder.

Even with the Tigers hinting she was on their radar, the 19-year-old still wasn’t convinced her name would be read out on Tuesday night.

“I think because of last year – even with any idea I had been given – I was still “take it as it comes. I have no idea what’s going to happen on the day”,” Lesosky-Hay said.

“So, I didn’t have my hopes too high just to save myself if it was the same deal as last year.”

“I was definitely prepared for the worst, especially when it was down to the very last (Richmond) pick.”

While disappointed at being overlooked last year, especially after an impressive 2019 which resulted in Vic Country selection and a Draft Combine invite, Lesosky-Hay knew she was still in the mix when invited to train with Tigers last season.

Her form and a raft of injuries at Punt Road most led to a late call-up for Richmond’s loss to Geelong in Bendigo.

“I’m really, really stoked at being able to go back to Richmond,” Lesosky-Hay said.

“I really liked it there, and I felt like I was starting to fit in before COVID happened.”

Lesosky-Hay hopes her story can serve as motivation for those overlooked this year.

She says retaining a positive attitude is key.

“And for me, not getting picked up first year might have worked in my favour because I was pretty quiet as a player,” Lesosky-Hay.

“Then I got a bit of experience with older players at the start of the year, and experiencing another year of life has made me feel a lot more confident.

“It’s not the worst thing ever (missing out), especially when you’re 18.”

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