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McEvoy “comfortable” at Carlton

Former Geelong Falcons captain Lucy McEvoy has been drafted by Carlton. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

FROM the moment Lucy McEvoy spoke with Carlton recruiters around the table at her Wallington home she knew she would be happy at Princes Park.

And that’s where here AFLW journey will begin after being selected with pick No.2 by the Blues behind Gabi Newtown, who the Western Bulldogs claimed with the first selection on Tuesday.

“When I first met them it felt like we’d known each other for ages because they were happy to rip into Dad about a few things,” McEvoy said.

“And they made it really easy going; I felt really comfortable. It was really nice to have that first impression of them.

“They were able to have a bit of banter. It was serious, but they were able to make it a bit light-hearted as well and make me feel really comfortable.

“And that was what I really liked about them. And when they ran through their program as well, I was super impressed.”

McEvoy already has a link to Carlton after Dad Phil played 50 games of reserves across three seasons between 1979-81 before joining Richmond.

“No senior footy – he was no good,” McEvoy joked. “He’d hate me saying that; he’d say otherwise.

“But, secretly, he was no good. He wasn’t called ‘Slacker’ for a reason.

“He’ll be super happy I’ll get to pull on the Carlton jumper, and I think he’ll be really proud of me.”

McEvoy surprised many when she selected Melbourne Metro as her preferred destination in the draft, including Carlton coach Daniel Harford.

“But once she went through her education requirements, and that was going to be more in Melbourne than Geelong, and she conveyed that to us in our little catch-up, we thought, “gee, we might be a chance here to get her to nominate Metro”,” he said.

“And she did, so we were absolutely ecstatic. She interviewed the house down; she blew my socks off the way she interviewed.

“The family unit’s really strong and involved in her career and want her to be the best.

“She’s just such an impressive young woman you’d be silly not to want her in your footy club.”

Having earned All-Australian honours in three different positions, McEvoy’s versatility is one of her strengths.

However, Harford is keen to see her settle in one role in 2020.

“I’ve got a few coaches on the WhatsApp chat that are very keen to have her in their division at the moment,” he said.

“So, we’re going to have to wrestle them to the ground and work it out. She’s a hybrid player that can play anywhere, and her All-Australian status would suggest that.

But I think she’s one player you want to lock into your midfield early and see what evolves from there.

We know she can play back, we know she can play forward, but we probably need a bit more assistance through the middle of the ground at the moment, and that’s probably where we’ll start her.”

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