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Familiar surnames on Falcons list

Geelong Falcons coach Luke Daffy addresses his players during a match in 2019. (Geelong Falcons Image/Brian Barlett)

AFTER nearly four months of training, the Geelong Falcons have settled on their 60-man list for the 2020 NAB League season.

And there’s plenty of familiar surnames on the list.

Among those with links to past and present VFL/AFL players include;

  • Jay Dahlhaus – cousin of Luke (Western Bulldogs/Geelong).
  • Jeremy Goddard – brother of Hugh (St Kilda/Carlton)
  • Macklan Lord – grandson of Alistair (Geelong).
  • Charlie Ham – brother of Brayden (Essendon).
  • Jack Sarcevic – son of Ray (Geelong).
  • Will Kilpatrick – son of Glenn (Essendon/Geelong).
  • Indi Parish – brother of Darcy (Essendon).
  • Ollie Henry – brother of Jack (Geelong).
  • Sam Witherden – brother of Alex (Brisbane Lions).
  • Henry Walsh – brother of Sam (Carlton)
  • Darcy Chrigwin – grandson of Brian (Geelong)
  • Sam Bourke – nephew of Damian (Geelong/Brisbane Bears) and Tim (Geelong/North Melbourne).

Bourke, Chirgwin, Sarcevic, Goddard and Dahlhaus are among the seven 19-year-olds allowed on the Falcons list.

Also given a chance to impress as an overage player are James Paterson (Ocean Grove) and Jack Fischer (Old Geelong).

The Falcons will take part in the annual testing day at Maribyrnong College this weekend before a practice match against the GWV Rebels at Ballarat’s MARS Stadium on March 15.

The 2020 NAB League season starts at GMHBA Stadium on March 21 with a clash against the Bendigo Pioneers


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No. First Name Surname DOB Local Club/School
1 Jay DAHLHAUS 21-May-01 St. Mary’s
2 Connor O’MEARA 21-Jul-02 Lara
3 Euriah HOLLARD 3-Nov-03 Newtown & Chilwell/Geelong College
4 Gennaro BOVE 14-Jan-02 Newtown & Chilwell/Geelong Grammar
5 Luke BARTOLO 05-Jun-03 St. Mary’s/St. Joseph’s
6 Archie HILDEBRANDT 19-Jan-02 St. Joseph’s/Christian College Geelong
7 Jeremy GODDARD 2-May-01 Geelong Amateur
8 Charlie LAZZARO 25-Mar-02 St. Mary’s/Geelong College
9 Mathew KEAST 11-Feb-02 St. Mary’s
10 Lachlan HOOD 25-Feb-02 Grovedale/Grovedale College
11 Cooper WHYTE 24-Feb-03 Grovedale/Grovedale College
12 Noah GRIBBLE 8-Jul-02 Newtown & Chilwell/St. Joseph’s
13 Flynn YOUNG 3-Feb-02 Newtown & Chilwell
14 Macklan LORD 22-Sep-02 Gisborne/Geelong Grammar
15 Tanner BRUHN 27-May-02 Newtown & Chilwell/Geelong Grammar
16 Charlie HAM 11-Nov-02 Torquay/St. Joseph’s
17 Rory DIAMOND 25-Feb-03 Newtown & Chilwell/St. Joseph’s
18 Blake REID 22-Oct-02 Newtown & Chilwell/Geelong Grammar
19 Jack SARCEVIC 1-Dec-01 Bell Park
20 William KILPATRICK 5-Feb-02 Drysdale/St. Ignatius
21 Patrick VISENTIN 01-Nov-03 St. Mary’s/St. Joseph’s
22 Lachlan KIDD 12-Aug-02 Queenscliff/St. Joseph’s
23 Oliver WILTSHIRE 15-Sep-02 Barwon Heads/St. Joseph’s
24 Chris SEYMOUR 11-Apr-02 Grovedale
25 Josh SORGIOVANNI 23-Jan-02 St. Marys/St. Joseph’s
26 Finn MURPHY 20-Aug-03 Torquay/Geelong Grammar
27 Charlie BRAUER 9-Sep-02 Barwon Heads/Grovedale College
28 Jak TUTE 26-Jan-03 Grovedale/Grovedale College
29 Billy SPICER 18-Jan-02 Grovedale
30 Chase LOFTUS 29-Dec-03 Torquay/Christian College
31 Tanner OWEN 01-Jul-03 St. Joseph’s/St. Joseph’s
32 Noah GADSBY 12-Mar-02 Torquay/Geelong Grammar
33 Joel FLEETON 17-Jun-02 Geelong West Giants/St. Joseph’s
34 Indiana PARISH 07-Jan-03 Grovedale/Grovedale College
35 Oscar BARROW 17-Jan-02 Colac
36 Zac MIRKOVIC 7-Jan-02 Bell Park/Kardinia International College
37 Oliver HENRY 29-Jul-02 St. Marys/St. Joseph’s
38 Sam BOURKE 29-Jun-01 St. Mary’s
39 Kyle SKENE 1-Jun-02 Newtown & Chilwell/Geelong College
40 Alex DUNN 02-Dec-03 Lara/St. Josephs
41 Alistair O’DONNELL 27-Jan-03 St. Joseph’s/Geelong Grammar
42 Trey WHEADON 27-Mar-03 Colac/Colac Secondary
43 Noah ALLEN 30-Aug-02 Birregurra/Trinity College
44 Sam WITHERDEN 24-Jun-02 Barwon Heads/Geelong College
45 Joel EDWARDS 31-Aug-03 St. Joseph’s/St. Joseph’s
46 Henry WALSH 27-Jun-02 St. Joseph’s
47 Jack FISCHER 17-Jul-01 Old Geelong
48 James PATERSON 30-Jul-01 Ocean Grove
49 Max ANNANDALE 30-Jan-02 Newtown & Chilwell/St. Ignatius
50 Nicholas DUNCAN 08-Apr-03 Lara/Lara Secondary
51 Mitchell KNEVITT 08-Jan-03 Grovedale/Grovedale College
52 Darcy CHIRGWIN 25-Jul-01 St. Mary’s
53 Cameron FLEETON 17-Jun-02 Geelong West Giants/St. Josephs
54 Caleb EZARD 21-Dec-03 St. Mary’s/St. Joseph’s
55 Mitchell LANGAN 20-Aug-02 Torquay/St. Joseph’s
56 Oscar MORRISON 21-Aug-03 St. Joseph’s/St. Joseph’s
57 Darcy BROWN 24-Sep-02 Bell Park
58 Angus CODD 07-Aug-03 Newtown & Chilwell/St. Joseph’s
59 Brady FERGUSON 20-Mar-03 Grovedale/Grovedale College
60 Toby CONWAY 24-Apr-03 St. Mary’s/Geelong College