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Falcons finalise Girls squad

Darcy Moloney has been named captain of the Geelong Falcons Girls team for 2020. (Geelong Falcons Image/Brian Bartlett)

THE daughters of a couple of former Cats stars have been named in the final Geelong Falcons Girls squad for the 2020 NAB League season.

Mackenzie McGrath (daughter of Tim) and Charlotte Simpson (Sean) are among the 38 names selected by new coach Brendan McCartney.

Both are in their 16-year-old year, which means neither can be drafted until the end of 2022.

As the rule stands, McGrath could go to North Melbourne and Simpson is a chance to join St Kilda with their dads playing seven AFL games at the Roos and Saints respectively.

Impressive midfielder Darcy Moloney has been named captain of the Falcons.

The Colac Imperials product becomes just the second skipper of club’s girls’ team, with Carlton draftee Lucy McEvoy leading the side through its first three years.

Poppy Schaap, Renee Tierney and Lucy Were have been installed as vice-captains.

The Falcons open their fourth season with a trip to RMIT’s Bundoora Campus for a meeting with Gippsland Power.

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First Name  Surname Club
Isis Barter Lara
Layla Bosley Geelong West Giants
Caitlin Bottomley Geelong West Giants
Grace Cotter Barwon Heads
Meg Courtney St Mary’s
Tess Craven Drysdale
Elizabeth Dowling St Mary’s
Gabbi Featherston Colac Imperials
Mia Featherston Colac Imperials
Laura Gardiner Geelong West Giants
Zoe Garth St Joseph’s
Jessica Gray St Mary’s
Kelsea Gray Geelong West Giants
Keeley Hardingham Colac Imperials
Charlotte Hardy Colac Imperials
Taylah Hassett Drysdale
Jarrah Hecker Lara
Ingrid Hoursma Geelong Amateur
Skylee Hovey Lara
Millie Johnson St Mary’s
Jessica Kelly Colac Imperials
Annie Lee Geelong Amateur
Tamika Lewis Colac Imperials
Ella Mahoney St Joseph’s
Mackenzie McGrath Geelong Amateur
Analea McKee St Albans
Ava McKeegan Torquay
Darcy Moloney Colac Imperials
Taiya Morrow South Barwon
Carly Remmos NA
Poppy Schaap Geelong Amateur
Tamara Sferco St Joseph’s
Charlotte Simpson St Joseph’s
Kara Stacey Lara
Renee Tierney Torquay
Mia Van Dyke St Joseph’s
Ash Van Loon St Mary’s
Lucy Were Geelong Amateur
Jess Woods Newtown & Chilwell