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Bruhn “Cherry Ripe” – Turner

Geelong Falcons star Tanner Bruhn at Vic Country training in January. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

LONG-serving Geelong Falcons Talent Manager Michael Turner has declared Tanner Bruhn “cherry ripe” for the start of the shortened NAB League season next month.

Bruhn, who is widely predicted to be a first-round pick, was set to miss the beginning of this year with a knee injury that flared during Vic Country training in January.

A knee issue also hampered his 2019 campaign, restricting him to just two matches with the Falcons.

“We’re provided them (players) with a lot of training guidelines, as has the AFL, and their schools, and their local clubs,” Turner said.

“The boys hoping to get drafted, it will be really interesting to see how they come back and present themselves.

“When we start training because AFL recruiters have been starved of seeing these boys, they’ll definitely come to training, and they’ll be interested to see how they’ve looked after themselves over these last four months.

“It’s not just the games. They already know these players are draftable and they’re looking to see how they’ve managed themselves during this downtime.”

The Falcons return to training next week, with their first match of at least four games against the GWV Rebels at MARS Stadium on August 22.

However, not all players in the squad will be able to train.

Those who have turned 19 are excluded due to government restrictions on contact training for those older than 18 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jack Sarcevic, who is part of the Falcons’ 19-year-old group, is right to train with his birthday not until December.

However, Darcy Chirwgwin, Jay Dahlhaus, Jeremy Goddard, Jack Fischer, James Paterson and Sam Bourke are all impacted.

“We won’t hand those kids out to dry,” Turner said.

“We’re still going to work with them and give them training opportunities, and work towards, hopefully, getting some dispensation.

“Unfortunately because of the medical circumstances, things, at, this stage, haven’t worked out to the best advantage of those boys.

“It’s a long journey yet. I always hark back to the fact it didn’t work out for Tom Stewart and Tom Atkins, and they’ve gone on and played AFL.”

With the Associated Public Schools competition postponed, the Falcons will have access to players who attend both Geelong College and Geelong Grammar.

With Noah Gasdby (arm) the only player on the injury list, which will see around 50 players available for selection, a match involving players not picked in the main game will also get to play.

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