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Where to now for restructure?

AFL Barwon will meet with each GFL and BFL club individually in coming months after announcing it would delay the planned restructure of local football.

Region General Manager Lee Hartman says last night’s meeting at AFL Barwon’s Highton headquarters was mostly positive.

“I think they were happy that we’d listened to them and addressed some of their concerns, and, going forward, we’ll meet every single club,” he said.

“Previously, we’d met the clubs at the lower end of the ladders, but not everyone else.

“And there were some other issues tabled from the leagues around netball etc.

“So, they’re happy we’re going to undertake that process.

“But I think some of the clubs were happy that it’s not on for next year.”

Hartman says a range of issues were raised with the Commission, including how a three-tiered competition would operate if the GDFL remained self-administered, and the importance of netball in the criteria document.

“Three years ago when the criteria document was written, there were no controls around netball. You could buy in a team from one year to the next,” he said.

“From 2019 we’ll have a salary cap and a points system for netball as well.

“So we can control that a bit more, so we’d said we’d revisit that.”

AFL Barwon is also keen to avoid a repeat of this year, where a final decision has been made with just a month until the conclusion of the BFL season.

Hartman says they are keen for a decision to be made by the start of next year’s competition.

“We don’t have a timeline on it because we have to get around and talk to every club,” he said.

“Ideally, we won’t be waiting until this time next year to make that call.

“So, in an ideal world, we’ll make a call by the start of the (2019) season on what the criteria will look like and how that has been reworked.”

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