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Salary caps slashed

SIGNIFICANT salary cap reductions have been announced for the region’s three leagues as AFL Barwon looks to keep clubs viable when play resumes following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AFL has recommended a two-stage reduction to allowable player payments, which has been adopted by the local governing body.

With $50,000 the maximum allowed, the final figure has been determined based on an 11-game home-and-away season for the Geelong and Geelong and District leagues and a nine-game season for the Bellarine.

The cap for GFL clubs has been set at $44,306, or $4,028 a round, a reduction of $100,694.

The GDFL and BFL will both have caps of $27,500.

For GDFL clubs, whose original cap for 2020 was $90,000, that’s $2,500 per round.

While the BFL clubs, who had a cap of $110,000, will be able to spend $3,056 per match.

“Through consultation with all club leaders, it is evident that these strong reductions will assist in clubs remaining viable and will be supported by the hard-working volunteers that are finding it difficult to maintain incomes streams during this period,” McGregor said.

“This is an opportunity for a recalibration of football player payments across Regional and Metropolitan Victoria and also an opportunity for players to give back to their clubs that have given so much to them.”

GDFL president Neville Whitley has supported the change.

“The GDFNL believes that a salary cap adjustment is justified and therefore support the revised cap,” he said.

“All components of the leagues and clubs have to be revised during this difficult time”.

AFL Barwon has also flagged a reduction to the salary cap for 2021 but will wait until later in the year to make a decision.

They also remain committed to getting the 2020 season underway, confirming its preference is for each club to play each other once.

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