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No “666” locally

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SET starting positions for players at centre bounces won’t be adopted by the GFL, BFL and GDFL in 2019 with AFL Victoria approved for an exemption from the new AFL rule.

The AFL approved the introduction of the “666” rule in October, which will see six players from each team positioned inside the 50m, four in the centre square and a player on each wing at the game’s highest level and in most state leagues.

However, a number of changes have been ratified by AFL Barwon’s Football Operations department, which will also impact all women’s and junior football from under-13 upwards, including:


  • For a free kick from a behind, a player will no longer need to kick to himself to play on out of the goal square.
  • Following a behind, the man on the mark will be 10 metres from the top of the goal square. (currently 5 metres).

Marks/Free kicks

  • For all defenders who take a mark or gain a free kick within 9 metres of their own goal, the man on the mark for the attacking team will be brought in line with the top of the goal square.

Umpire contact

  • Players will be prohibited from setting up behind the umpire at each centre ball-up.

50-metre penalty

  • Stricter on the infringing player, allowing the player with the ball to advance the mark by 50 metres without the infringing player delaying the game.
  • In addition, the player with the football will be able to play on during the advancement of the 50-metre penalty.

Kicking for goal post-siren – Centre of goal line

  • A player who has been awarded a mark or free kick once play has ended will now be able to kick across their body using a snap or check-side kick. The player shall dispose of the football directly in line with the man on the mark and the centre of the goal line.

Marking contest

  •  “Hands in the back” rule interpretation to be repealed, allowing a player to place his hands on the back of his opponent to protect his position in a marking contest, but not push the player in the back.

Ruck contests – prior opportunity

  • A ruck player who takes possession of the football while contesting a ball up by a field umpire or boundary throw-in by a boundary umpire, will not be regarded as having had prior opportunity. Where there is uncertainty over who is the designated Ruck, the ruck for each team will continue to nominate to the field umpire.

“The AFL Barwon Umpiring Department has already briefed and held sessions with its umpiring coaching staff and now plan to roll it out to all our umpires in Geelong and Colac over the next the weeks,” AFL umpires boss Jock Hillgrove said.

“We will all be learning as we go as players, umpires, coaches and administrators and we strongly encourage that together through trial and error we will all pick up the changes quickly.”

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