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Siggins no certainty for Saints

Will Sam Siggins be a victim of St Mary’s point squeeze. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

SAM Siggins looks set to become a high-profile victim of the points squeeze at St Mary’s, with the versatile big man no certainty to play in Saturday’s GFL Grand Final against St Joseph’s.

Saints co-coach Travis Robertson has confirmed star forward Sam Dobson and versatile big man Trent McMullan will play after missing the second semi-final win over Leopold while on VFL duty.

However, he was less committal when asked about the former Adelaide-listed swingman, who was also part of the Cats’ loss to Box Hill.

“At five points, he’s the cumulative total of the two (Dobson and McMullan), so that makes things a bit harder,” Robertson told krockfootball.com.au.

St Mary’s used 37 of its allocated 40 points against the Lions, giving them enough space for Dobson (two points) and McMullan (three points) to return.

However, trying to find room for Tasmanian Siggins, who played five games with the Saints and 10 at the Cats, may prove more difficult, a situation which Robertson and co-coach Glenn Keast were prepared for when assembling their list for 2018.

“We made a conscious decision to recruit some players with points fully knowing that could cause us some grief or some challenges later on in the year, depending on the fitness or the health of our list,” Robertson said.

“We’re truly healthy, so everyone’s available and that’s going to pose some challenges.”

After gathering as a group to watch Joeys knock out Leopold by one point, the St Mary’s headed to Deakin University for a rare Saturday night training session.

“We just wanted to do that so we could slightly tweak our preparation given that we knew who we were playing,” Robertson said.

“Conditions weren’t ideal; a bit cold and a bit wet. But it was good to get the group back together and focus in on what we need to do.”

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