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Shez to step down

Bell Park co-coach Tim Sheringham celebrates a goal in the second quarter of the Dragons’ win over St Joseph’s. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

TIM Sheringham says the chance to enjoy the final years of his career without the added pressure of coaching are behind his decision to step down from the role he shares at Bell Park with Shane Jack.

The longest-serving coach in Dragons history, and 8th all-time in the GFL, Sheringham has been in the position since 2012.

During that time he has shared the role with good mate Ben Armstrong (2012-16), Luke Rayner (2017-18) and Jack (2019) after replacing John Fitzgerald following the club’s most recent premiership in 2011.

“I’ve landed a new role in my work life, which has made things a little bit harder this year to put in the time that I would like to,” Sheringham told krockfootball.com.au.

“But, at the same time, I’m also at a point in my career where I just want to finish playing where I can relax and enjoy the last couple of years.

“And get a little bit more out of my body by not having the coaching commitments and be able to focus on myself a little bit and getting the attention that it (body) needs to keep playing.”


Sheringham, who turns 33 on Monday, hopes to play for at least two more years.

“And I think the best chance of me doing that and doing that well is to give up the coaching aspect,” he said.

“I didn’t come to that decision lightly. As coaches know, it becomes ingrained in you, and it’s very hard to let it go to some degree.

“And you want to make sure, especially given Bell Park’s my local club, it was in a good position to hand over to ‘Jacky’.

“It’s not only the playing group to consider, but you’ve got your support staff and your assistant coaching group.

“You need to make sure they’re all on board to continue and keep the club in a good position.”

Sheringham, who will miss the final round clash with North Shore due to a hamstring injury, is hoping Bell Park’s season extends into September.

The Dragons will start red-hot favourites against the winless Seagulls and need either Leopold to beat St Mary’s or a victory that makes up more than 20 percentage points.

“It’s not ideal, from our point-of-view, because it’s not within our control, really,” Sheringham said.

“It is to some degree. We can put in a really, really good performance against North Shore and jump a hell of a lot of per cent.

“So, we’re planning on trying to execute that in some way, to be honest.

“But, it’s not an easy task against any GFL opposition. We just need to win to give ourselves a chance.”

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