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Saints set for training restart

St Mary’s players ahead of the pre-season practice match against Aberfeldie. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

TRAVIS Robertson concedes there is “a varying degree of motivation” across the St Mary’s list ahead of next week’s return to sanctioned training.

“There are the guys that just can’t wait to get back into it, then there’s a group of guys wondering what’s all this for because there’s nothing in concrete, in terms of games and a season,” the Saints’ co-coach said of the mood among the reigning GFL premier’s playing group.

“That’s where they stand today. It will be interesting to see once we get into it next week how that change motivation.

“Boys across Geelong and all of Australia are probably just craving that interaction with their mates and getting into that sporting club environment.”


From Monday, clubs will be allowed to have two groups of ten train at separate ends of an oval as Victoria starts to make its way out of COVID-19 restrictions.

Robertson, who confirmed he and Glenn Keast will again be in charge at Anthony Costa in 2021, said with the VFL and NAB League seasons being on hold, the Saints will have plenty of numbers on the track.

“So the senior training list does get quite large; it’s up around 60,” he said.

“We’ve asked the boys what time suits them, which was 5, 6 or 7 pm.

“We’ll assign a coach to six groups of 10, and we’ll scatter across those timeslots.

“We’re going to do Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at the minute.”


If the season doesn’t go ahead, Robertson has floated the prospect of a round-robin or lightning premiership for local clubs.

“Anything, in terms of (the) opportunity to get those competitive juices going and have some sort of footy would be great,” he said.

“That could be across the three leagues in Geelong, you never know.

“It might end up being an under-23 (competition).

“I think where the world is today, everyone’s got to take an agile approach to it, learn as you go, and be open to any thought process around what it might look like.

“At the moment we’ve got the opportunity to train… and then in two weeks’ time, driven by Government, and state, federal and local laws, we’ll adapt.

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