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Saints “extremely surprised”

Newtown & Chilwell captain Matt McMahon. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

ST MARY’S president John McMahon says he was “extremely surprised” with the outcome of the tribunal hearing, where Newtown & Chilwell captain Matt McMahon escaped sanction for a collision that left star Saint Harry Benson with a broken jaw.

The Eagles skipper was offered a two-match suspension by AFL Barwon’s Match Review Panel for engaging in rough conduct after it was determined he chose to bump Benson early in the first quarter of the clash at Elderslie Reserve.

In delivering the finding on behalf of the AFL Barwon Independent Tribunal, chair Werner Weigl said, “the tribunal is of the view it is inconclusive whether he (McMahon) intended to block or bump”.

“Accidental … a fend off or a bump, they weren’t sure, (but) there has been head contact,” John McMahon said.

“We’ve got a kid out aminimum of eight weeks with a broken jaw … a bad broken jaw.

“We know there’s head-high contact, and we thought the head was sacrosanct; you can’t touch it.”

John McMahon revealed St Mary’s enquired about whether there was an ability to challenge the Tribunal’s finding.

“After speaking to AFL Barwon and (football operations manager) Mick Limb, there is no avenue for us to appeal,” he said.

McMahon said St Mary’s is keen to sit down with AFL Barwon to discuss the finding in the coming weeks.

“We’ll cool our heels a little bit, and take a bit of a chill pill and let it sink in,” he said.

“I’ll touch base and try and have a meeting with AFL Barwon.

“It’s an independent tribunal hearing, so AFL Barwon sits back like us, and we’ve got to listen to the umpire’s call.

“But, I’d love to sit down with them and give our point of view.”

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