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Ricco takes role at Bell Park

Peter Riccardi will take charge of Bannockburn again in 2021. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

PETER Riccardi says he is looking forward to being involved in the GFL again after joining Bell Park as an assistant coach.

The Geelong great, coming off a six-year stint as coach of GDFL club Bannockburn, also had offers for roles at St Joseph’s and Lara.

However, Riccardi, who coached North Shore between 2010-13 and played two seasons with Geelong West-St Peter’s in 2007-08, labelled the Dragons “the perfect fit”.

“Talking to (coach) Shane Jack and their committee, they seem like they’re on the right path with a young group.

“After talking to them, it sat well with me, and I thought I’d go that way, which is exciting.

Riccardi, who will take charge of the Dragons’ talented midfield, says the GFL has taken on a different look since his tenure at the Seagulls.

“I went and watched a couple of games this year, and it’s exciting footy,” he said. “It’s come a long way since I finished up (at North Shore).

“Watching the games, it seems like it’s a young man’s game at the minute in the GFL, with a few experienced heads around.

“Hopefully, I can bring something new, especially to the midfield group at Bell Park.”

Riccardi indicated when he stepped down at Bannockburn in August he wasn’t keen on a senior coaching job but was happy to play a lesser role.

He says the position at Bell Park will allow him the flexibility to watch son Osca, who will play under-18s at Newtown & Chilwell.

“I spoke to Shane and said I want to go watch Osca as much as I can,” Riccardi said.

“They’re allowing me not to get to the club until 12-12:30pm on Saturday, and I’ll do the Tuesday-Thursday thing during the week.

“It was just the perfect fit in the end.”

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