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McMahon to continue on

Newtown & Chilwell coach Damien McMahon. (krockfootball.com.au/Al Packer)

NEWTOWN & Chilwell coach Damien McMahon will become the club’s longest-serving coach since Terry Bright when he takes the reins in 2022.

Eagles president Shaun McWilliam confirmed to krockfootball.com.au McMahon, who replaced Damien Christensen at the end of the 2016 season, will have a fifth year in charge.

McMahon told The Wash-up podcast on Sunday he was keen to continue.

“I’d hate to leave on the season that we’ve had,” he said. “I know we’re going to be bigger and better in the future.

“This year’s been very much about giving opportunities to youngsters and developing them.

“I’d love to see that out and make sure that we have a bigger and stronger season next year.

“We’ll be working really hard over the pre-season to maintain the group we’ve got and continue to develop them, and I really want to be part of that.”

Confirmation of McMahon’s re-signing leaves on St Joseph’s and St Albans to public confirm the reappointments of Paul Carson and Ben Patrick, respectively, for next year.

Click below to listen to the full podcast with Damien McMahon.

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