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Macca’s plan to play in 2020

Newtown & Chilwell coach Damien McMahon. (krockfootball.com.au/Al Packer)

NEWTOWN & Chilwell coach Damien McMahon has unveiled an ambitious plan that would see the GFL season start in September and finish the weekend before Christmas.

Speaking exclusively to krockfootball.com.au, the Eagles mentor says his plan would involve an 11-round season, four weeks of finals, and allow clubs to hold functions to help generate much-needed revenue.

However, his proposal would rely on local cricket being willing to delay the start of its season until 2021.

McMahon has also floated the prospect of 15-minute quarters to off-set the lack of preparation each club may potentially have, depending on the timing of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

“It puts our season into really nice weather, and it gives every club 11 games and allows them to have three or four functions to create some revenue for clubs,” he said.

“You probably have to ask your players to play for less, which I think they’d all be happy to do.”


McMahon has suggested a start date of January 9 and end date of April 17 for the Geelong Cricket Association.

“That gives them 15 weeks, but they’d need to play on Easter Saturday,” he said.

“Round 1 of GFL 2021 would start on April 24 and Round 18 would on August 21.”

McMahon also has a contingency if an agreement couldn’t be reached with cricket authorities.

“If cricket says “we’re not allowing this”, what we would need to do is ask Council (City of Greater Geelong) for three ovals per competition to allow us to play,” he said.

“It would mean no reserves. It would mean double-headers on three grounds to get your GFL games in. Or so there is no unfairness, you get Bellarine grounds.

It might be Geelong Amateur’s ground is hosting Newtown and St Mary’s, and St Mary’s ground is hosting Geelong Amateur and Barwon Heads.

“Surely common sense will prevail here and Council would step in and say “cricket, you’re only losing a couple of games here”.

“I think the circumstances we’re in Council has got to think “it’s in everyone’s best interests for some football to be played this year, from a financial point-of-view”.”

McMahon said clubs need the ability to meet their financial commitments.

“If every club has three functions, you can guarantee they’ll sell them out because people will be busting to get to them,” he said.

“I look at our club. We’ll have a Season Launch, a Past Players’ Day, a Ladies’ Day and a presentation night within four months, and we’d sell everyone out.

“That’s all on the proviso this virus is allowing to get out and mingle with each other by September.”

McMahon has put his proposal to AFL Barwon boss Will McGregor who said “everything is on the table”.

“We’re taking on board all thoughts from clubs,” he said.

“Playing past October may prove to be difficult, if October is possible at all.”

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Round 1 – September 12

Finals start – November 28

Grand Final – December 19

Round 1, 2021 – April 24