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Carson “pinching himself”

Paul Carson during his stint as coach of Anglesea. (krockfootball.com.au/Al Packer)

NEWLY-appointed St Joseph’s coach Paul Carson says a conversation with Nick Maxwell proved crucial to him applying for the role.

The 36-year-old, who has spent the last two years in charge of Bellarine league club Anglesea, was confirmed as the replacement for three-time premiership mentor Heath Jamieson on Tuesday morning.

Carson revealed when he weighed up whether to apply for the position, he spoke with the Collingwood premiership captain, who remains an influential figure at Drew Oval.

“He said, if anything, it would be a good learning curve for me,” Carson told krockfootball.com.au.

“So, that’s how I approached it, with a little bit of a carefree attitude – more about the experience than thinking I’d be a genuine chance.

“With this club and this sort of job, I was a little bit unaware of what sort of people this job may attract.

“I may have been underestimating myself; I’m not sure.

“He encouraged me to have a go, I put my best foot forward and went through the process, and here we are today.”

Carson says leaving Alcoa Oval after taking the Roos to a preliminary final in seven years wasn’t an easy decision.

“I’ve had to put a lot of time and a lot of thought into this because I feel like I was able to build something this year and put a list together that was really competitive, as we showed,” he said.

“We felt we were really, really close – there wasn’t much between any of the top teams.

“It wasn’t just a given for me to say “I’m out of here”, it was a really hard decision and one I didn’t take lightly.

“I’d almost say if it weren’t Joeys, I probably would have stayed at Anglesea.

“But, because it is Joeys and I’ve got a soft spot there, I couldn’t pass it up in the end.”

Carson, who was a playing assistant coach to Jamieson between 2013-15 as well as having a year in a similar role at Inverleigh in 2016, is under no illusion as to how big the shoes he will fill are.

“Taking over a team that’s gone back-to-back, it’s quite daunting,” he said. “But, in saying that, I’m close enough, but I’m removed enough.

“I’ve gone away and learned my own concepts and own theories and implemented some small changes.

“But I spent a lot of time under Jamo, and I still have a really good relationship with Jamo, so I’m full aware we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

“It’s just more about tweaking things and bringing a new voice in.”

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