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Breaking down the draw – GFL

NEVER has there been a year in the GFL’s previous 39 years where the fixture has been so crucial.

With the competition to be reduced to 10 teams at the end of 2018, who teams play once or twice will have a bearing on a final ladder positions.

Here, krockfootball.com.au comprehensively breaks down the fixture for all 12 clubs.






BELL PARK (2017 – 4th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Lara (a – 12th), Grovedale (h – 8th),  Leopold (a – 5th), St Albans (h – 11th)

Verdict: Tough – the Dragons cop return meetings against 2017 top three St Joseph’s, St Mary’s and Colac, while only seeing bottom two Lara and St Albans once.







COLAC (2017 – 3rd)

Play once (2017 finishing position): North Shore (a – 7th), Lara (h – 12th), Geelong West (a – 10th), South Barwon (h – 9th)

Verdict: Has return meetings with every finalist from 2017, as well as 6th-placed Newtown & Chilwell. One clash only against three of the bottom four.






GEELONG WEST (2017 – 10th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): St Joseph’s (a – 1st), North Shore (a – 7th), Colac (h – 3rd), Leopold (h – 5th)

Verdict: Solid result for the Giants as they enter their second season since re-branding. St Mary’s and Bell Park are the only finalists they play twice, which means two cracks at the likes of Lara, St Albans and Grovedale. Also avoid a trip to Colac.






GROVEDALE (2017 – 8th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Lara (h – 12th), St Albans (a – 11th), Bell Park (a – 4th), Colac (h – 3rd)

Verdict: Might have been better to have finished 9th. Have to play grand finalists St Joseph’s and St Mary’s twice, while only getting one meeting with bottom two Lara and St Albans. Like West, don’t have to make the trek to Colac.





LARA (2017 – 12th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Grovedale (a – 8th), Bell Park (h – 4th), Newtown & Chilwell (a – 6th), St Joseph’s (h – 1st)

Verdict: Face return meetings with finalists St Mary’s, Colac and Leopold, but also played St Albans, Geelong West and South Barwon twice as they look to stave off relegation.






LEOPOLD (2017 – 5th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): South Barwon (a – 9th), St Joseph’s (h – 1st), Bell Park (4th – h), Geelong West (a – 10th)

Verdict: On the same day they signed Tom Ruggles, Leopold copped arguably the best draw. Losing an elimination final may prove to be a godsend. Avoid a return meeting with St Joseph’s and recent nemesis Bell Park. Play Lara, St Albans and Grovedale twice.





NEWTOWN & CHILWELL (2017 – 6th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): St Mary’s (a – 2nd), St Albans (h – 11th), Lara (h – 12th), St Joseph’s (a – 1st)

Verdict: An interesting draw for the Eagles. Single meetings with the grand finalists, but also only play the bottom two once.






NORTH SHORE (2017 – 7th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Colac (a – 3rd), South Barwon (h – 9th), Geelong West (h – 10th), St Mary’s (a – 2nd)

Verdict: North Shore’s reward for its best season in a decade is a tougher draw. Will meet three finalists – premier St Joseph’s. Colac and Leopold – twice. However, the Seagulls will also have return meetings again bottom pair Lara and St Albans.






SOUTH BARWON (2017 – 9th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): North Shore (a – 7th), St Mary’s (h – 2nd), Leopold (h – 5th), Colac (a – 3rd)

Verdict: St Joseph’s and Bell Park are the only finalists South Barwon will face twice. Will have return meetings against fellow bottom four members Lara, St Albans and Geelong West.





ST ALBANS (2017 – 11th)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Grovedale (h – 8th), Newtown & Chilwell (a – 6th), Bell Park (a – 4th), St Mary’s (h – 2nd)

Verdict: A big ask for St Albans to finish 10th or higher to avoid relegation. Face three finalists, including reigning premier St Joseph’s, twice. Will need to make the most of double-ups against Lara and Geelong West.






ST JOSEPH’S (2017 – 1st)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Geelong West (h – 10th), Leopold (a – 5th), Newtown & Chilwell (h -6th),  Lara (a -12th)

Verdict: The reigning premier faces return meetings against St Mary’s, Colac and Bell Park, but only take on Leopold once.






ST MARY’S (2017 – 2nd)

Play once (2017 finishing position): Newtown & Chilwell (h -6th), South Barwon (a – 9th), North Shore (h – 7th), St Albans (a – 11th)

Verdict: Double-up against the other four finalists from 2017, but also get Lara and Geelong West twice. Play five of their first seven at home.

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