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Alex still dreams of AFL chance

Alex Cincotta in action for Newtown & Chilwell in last year’s semi-final loss to St Mary’s. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

ALEX Cincotta is refusing to give up on his AFL dream despite being sidelined for the next 12 months after undergoing a knee reconstruction.

The Newtown & Chilwell star was operated on by renowned surgeon Julian Feller on March 10, a fortnight after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament during match simulation between Geelong VFL and St Mary’s on February 26.

Cincotta, 23, says he won’t let the setback stop him from getting where wants to be.

“It’s been my dream since I was a kid,” he told krockfootball.com.au.

“I think everyone knows I’m here to improve and here to develop and my end result is to play AFL footy.”

Cincotta put himself into draft calculations during 2019 after an impressive season with the Eagles that resulted in GFL and Vic Country representation.

He also spent the season training with Geelong’s VFL program, where he was expected to play a vital role in a young team in 2020.

Cincotta was reaching back to retrieve a handball when the injury occurred.

“I grabbed my knee, but I didn’t know what I’d done,” he said. “I was staying optimistic up until I found out.

“I was pretty shattered (when I did find out), with the year I wanted to have, and I had goals.”

Cincotta admits the mental battle is challenging as the physical.

“I have a pretty clear mind as to what I need to do,” he said. “But you do have those times where you doubt yourself a little bit.

“It’s going a little bit slow at the moment – just gentle stretches and exercises.

“I’ve got to start to learn to walk again, in a way.

“After having the op(eration), I’m losing a lot of muscle. So, I’ve got to try and activate that again.

“That’s probably the main goal for me at the moment.”

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