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11 rounds for a season: Robbo

St Mary’s co-coach Travis Robertson. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

TRAVIS Robertson says the GFL season should only go ahead when the Coronavirus threat passes if AFL Barwon can fixture a season of at least 11 rounds.

Local football is on hold until at least May 31, and with many clubs wanting a “mini pre-season” if the green light to resume is given, action would need to start in late June for an 11-round fixture with four weekends of finals for the season to be completed by the end of September.

“I know the (usual) draw doesn’t suggest you can play everyone twice, but we have to play everyone once in a refined season – if it happened at all,” the St Mary’s co-coach said.

The reigning GFL premier hasn’t been together as a group since a practice match against Essendon and District club Aberfeldie club on March 14.

Robertson admits he had an inkling a delay was coming when he left Anthony Costa Oval that afternoon.

“It had a feeling about it that day that it was likely to be the last game of footy we would play for a while,” he said.

“We had a team meeting after that and (we) were planning another session for during the week.

“But, by Monday morning that had to get canned.

“I haven’t really had connection with them apart from social channels.”


Robertson says a conference call involving the Saints’ leadership group will be held later this week.

“Just to understand where they’re at and how they’re feeling, and how we move forward,” he said.

“But given the world, and government policies of the minute, it’s not really suitable or appropriate we feel we should be encouraging our team to be training even in small groups.

“So, at the minute, it’s “stay fit, stay healthy, look after yourselves, and do it by yourself”, and keep supporting the social distancing measures we’re encouraged to do.”

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