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Thomson tamed

Captain Sam Jacka with his vanquished Thomson teammates. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

THOMSON was left to rue its inefficiency going forward following Sunday’s six-point grand final loss to Bannockburn.

Starting the final quarter level, they found themselves trailing by as much as 16 points during after three consecutive goals from the eventual premiers.

Thomson followed that with four straight behinds from numerous forward 50 entries before finally kicking a goal through Jarrod Westwood to make the margin six points.

However, it was all too late, with Thomson unable to find a goal in the final 30 seconds that would have sent the match to extra time.

“We weren’t smart with the ball, and I just felt we needed to get that first goal in that last quarter, and it came too late,” assistant coach Brent Taylor said.

“And as you do, you think, “okay, they’ve kicked one, we’ve got to get one here”.

“We kept sending the message out and said to players on the bench, “there’s still plenty of time”.

“But the rush of blood comes, and pressure’s on; it’s a grand final, it’s the last quarter, everyone wants to do everything right.

“But, in doing that, sometimes the brain kicks into that mode and you panic and kick the ball instead of  trying to hit someone up like we like to do.”


Taylor played down the absence of veteran defender Adam Wiseman, who was forced out of the team with a hand injury suffered at work on Thursday.

“He was 50-50 to play anyway with a quad (injury),” Taylor said. “But he would have played.

“He might not have been able to kick, but just his smarts and just his composure.

“Did we miss him? Of course we did. You asked any team around if they want ‘Wisey’ in their team, yes they would.

“But, is that the reason we lost? We still had 22 guys out there that were capable of getting the job done.”


What the future holds for Taylor and coach Reece Holwell remains unknown, with the pair having been at the club for five years.

“We’ve spoken the club, and we said we wanted to wait until the end of the season,” Taylor said.

“So, sometime this week, we’ll work out what will happen there.”

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