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Shutdown bonus for Magpies

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NORTH Geelong is taking advantage of the COVID-19 enforced shutdown of the local football season with the upgrade of its social rooms at Keith Barclay Oval underway.

Builders had planned to undertake a staged approach to the $700,000 redevelopment, which includes a new facade and updated interior.

“They were going to do the outside section first, but now that we’re not in there, they’re just going to do everything at once,” Magpies president Jason Habib said,

“I think the build may take 4-4½ months.”

That would mean North would be without their social rooms if we do play a shortened season, which is something Habib said the club would deal with if the ball is bounced in 2020.

If not, the Magpies have something to look forward to next year.

“I said to the members on our Facebook page, at the end of the day, North Geelong’s got something to look forward to coming back to with brand new rooms,” he said.

“It is a positive for us, but we do want to be out there playing.”

MEANWHILE, Habib has raised concerns at what impact on the COVID-19 pandemic will have on club committee members and administrators.

We need people to run the club on a Saturday, so I’m a bit worried, committee-wise, whose been affected as well,” he said.

“They may have to work on Saturday to get back in front.

“We were about getting players back on deck, but then we thought “hang on, our administrators might be affected as well”.

“So that’s we’re also worried.”

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