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Jacka hopes history doesn’t repeat

Thomson captain Sam Jacka. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

AFTER pulling off one local football’s greatest heists in beating Inverleigh in the 2018 GDFL Grand Final, Thomson captain Sam Jacka isn’t keen to see history repeating this Sunday.

The reigning premier enters the clash with Bannockburn as the red-hot favourite having won 18 of its 19 outings in 2019, including by 44 points over the Country Tigers in the second semi-final.


“In all fairness to Inverleigh last year, we probably stole one,” Jacka said. “And I know it’s possible to happen to us this year.

“We go in, probably, as favourites. It’s a tag we’ve dealt with all year. It is hard because we know anyone can win on the day.

“The message we’ve pushed the majority of the year is “let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Just be happy with that one quarter, one game at a time type of approach”.

“But we know, come Sunday 2 o’clock, anything’s possible, and it’s all about who settles first and starts well.”


It has been a contrasting build-up to this year’s grand final for the men from Godfrey Street, taking the direct route from the second semi-final after finishing on top of the ladder.

In 2018, Thomson had to pick itself up and dust itself off after losing the qualifying final to Bell Post Hill, before bouncing back with wins in the first semi, preliminary and grand finals.

“Last year, as I’ve said numerous times, we were riding a pretty big wave of momentum,” Jacka said.

“It was good to keep that going. This year, it’s been good to get a rest into the legs.

“Even though we’ve had the weeks off, we’ve still trained pretty hard and done game simulation and still got that 9-12kms in the legs on the Saturdays.  Less physicality this time of the year, which is nice.

I can’t really tell you the full answer yet. I’ll be able to tell you on Sunday afternoon whether it’s been a positive or a negative.”


Jacka admits it may be the last time this group plays together, with the likes of playing coach Reece Holwell, defender Adam Wiseman and forward Luke Forbes all north of 35.

However, he is confident Thomson will continue to contend for years to come.

“Yeah, there is a potential there is going to be a high turnover of people,” he said. But, I’m confident in our ability to bring in good people to the club and bring in the right people.

“Whether they go on again, I can’t say yes or no to that. But there is a potential the core group changes a little bit.

“Hopefully not, but I can’t really give you full answers to that.

“We’ll just take Sunday as it is and really give it everything we’ve got, and make sure we do something special with this group of players.”

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