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GDFL keeping an eye on GFL

GDFL president Neville Whitley. Picture: (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

GDFL president Neville Whitley is watching on with interest after GFL clubs went public last week with a range of concerns around the planned restructure of local football and netball.

Among the GFL’s requests of AFL Barwon is the retention of 12 teams in the competition, putting in doubt the proposed shift to 10 teams in the GFL, 10 in the Bellarine and 14 in the GDFL.

“With the GFL wanting to stay as 12, nothing will probably change,” Whitley said.

“As far as we go, we’ve got our 12 and that’s what we’d really like to keep, without going to an eight and six or 14-team competition.

“But, we’ve always said if they want to drop two to the Bellarine, why don’t they do that and go 10, 12 and 12.

“We’re quite in support of the GFL staying at 12. We don’t know why they want to reduce it to 10 anyway.”

The GFL would also prefer to see all three local leagues governed by AFL Barwon.

That would mean the GDFL no longer administering itself, however, Whitley has re-affirmed its stance to remain self-governed.

Meanwhile, Whitley has confirmed he will chair another meeting of regional leagues and clubs at Bungaree on July 15.

The push for leagues to push Regional Administration Centres (RACS) has met with some opposition across Victoria, leading to a meeting earlier this year that was followed by talks between Whitley and AFL Victoria chief Steven Reaper.

“The action group that was put together has called another meeting to hear what other leagues and clubs have got concerns about,” he said.

“Everything hasn’t been put to bed yet, and it may be the action group and become the negotiation group to AFL Vic, because we want some change across the state.

“There’s a lot of things that have happened across the state that we’re not happy with.”

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