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Foundation laid for Centrals

Daryl Chesterman is among a number of talented youngsters Werribee Centrals can build its future around. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WERRIBEE Centrals coach Nick Smith says the performance in Saturday’s preliminary final loss to Bannockburn was a reflection of the club’s season.

The Centurions trailed by just five points at three-quarter time, but couldn’t go the distance with the Tigers, who slammed on four-goals-to-none in the final term.

“It summarises our season as a whole; that our best was good enough and our worst was not great,” Smith said.

“And we saw a lot of that on Saturday.

“I think if I look back over the season, it’s just being able to play consistently good foot. And we probably have a lot of players who come in and out of games because they’re young and still working out what their good, consistent footy looks like.

“And when you’ve got such a large percentage of players that fall into that category, I guess we had times where we felt like that had been addressed.”


Despite reaching the preliminary final for the Centrals’ best finish to a season since making the 2010 decider, Smith says his team struggled to find its best form during the finals.

“I felt like almost our three worst games were probably our last three,” he said.

“They were nothing like how we were playing previous, so I guess that’s what you’ve got to analyse.

“It can be a combination of all sorts of things; first finals series; young team; big ground; the heat of finals games, which I always remember was a lot hotter and very, very hard to prepare for.

“That’s why I’m prepared to wear the fact there’s a lot of things contributing to it.

“They simply need to be addressed over time. You just need another opportunity like that and, hopefully, come back better prepared this time next year.”

Smith’s final address to his players was straight to the point.

“That no one in this room is disappointed in you,” he said.

“Because I know that your initial feeling is always to feel like you’ve disappointed people, and that you’re disappointing, or it’s disappointing.

“When we look back at this year, we will be really proud of what we achieved.”

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