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Down to business for Bunworth

New Anakie coach Daniel Bunworth addresses his players during a meeting on Wednesday night. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

GAME-style education and skill development will be key focus areas for new Anakie coach Daniel Bunworth.

The experienced mentor took charge of his first two sessions at the Roos this week as part of a five-week training block between now and Christmas.

“Skill acquisition will be a really big focus,” Bunworth said.

“We’ll obviously do quite a bit of running, but it will involve the footys, and the boys will be expected to fit in a session or two where they tick the legs over by themselves.

“We’ll work on a bit of game style so the boys can start touching base with what we want them to do and how we want them to move the footy.

“(I want to) make them thinking footballers; making them think “what’s going to happen next? Where should I be situated on the ground?”.”

Bunworth, who previously coached Wyndhamvale in the Western Region league, will take charge of a different looking Anakie to the one that ran out in the final round of last year when the 2021 season starts.

Among the departures in the last 12 months have been former co-coach Nathan Kenyon, captain Jamie Phillis, Luke Wilson, Daniel Weigl, Daniel Green, Brad Gerrard, Bailey Ettridge and Kad McEwan-Walsh.

However, the quality of those exiting the club didn’t deter Bunworth.

“I did hear about a few exits, and those boys had their reasons,” he said.

“It would have been great to meet a few boys and let them know what my plan was – I was able to meet a few, but there was some that I hadn’t, which was unfortunate.

“One of the main reasons I came here was because I heard about the off-field culture and the good people around the club.”


Among the arrivals at Anakie are former Westbourne Grammarians quintet Darren Morrish, Djaran Corrie, Eliot Birch and Chris Sneddon and Daniel Knight, who also saw senior action with Werribee Centrals in 2017.

Bunworth’s former Wyndhamvale teammate Sean Allen will serve as senior assistant coach and run the bench on match-days, David Taylor will look after midfield, and Nathan van Hulst, who spent some time with Thomson, is taking charge of the forwards.

The new coach will control the defence as he plays a role across half-back.

“It gives me the opportunity to see what’s happening down the field and where the boys are situated on the ground, too,” Bunworth said.

“And I’ll be able to use my strengths to set us up coming out of the backline.

“I’ve played midfield the last 6-7 years, so that will be an option, too – jump in there when needed to sort us out a little bit.”

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