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Don’t rush return: Buck

Inverleigh coach Adam Donohue. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Darren Phillips)

INVERLEIGH coach Adam Donohue has called on local football authorities not to rush into a return to play if the postponement of local football due to the Coronavris ends on May 31.

The Hawks mentor says clubs need a chance to train together for at least a fortnight and be able to play a practice match before starting the season.

If play commenced on June 13, that would allow each GDFL (and GFL) team to play each other once and hold their grand final on the weekend of September 19-20 off the back of a typical finals series.

“If you come back and just rush straight into it, you’re going to get soft-tissue injuries and all sorts of things happening,” Donohue said.

“Unless they shorten the quarters to 20 minutes and no time-on – and I’m not sure what the GDFL and AFL Barwon will do with that – you definitely need a couple of weeks to get back into it.

“There’s going to be some guys around who aren’t going to do as much as work as other ones.”


Inverleigh decided to cancel training before the postponement was confirmed on Tuesday afternoon after what Donohue described as “one of the weirdest training sessions I’ve ever had” on Monday night.

“There was no motivation; guys didn’t know whether to high-five and shake hands or give each other a pat on the back,” he said.

“We trained for 40 minutes and we weren’t getting anything out of it, and that’s when I made the decision the next morning to cancel all training and practice games.”

Donohue has urged his players to maintain their fitness during what will be a minimum 10-week break.

“We’ve got to get some clarity from the GDFL and AFL Barwon as to what we can and can’t do,” he said.

“Hopefully the guys stay in pretty good nick and we can some groups of 10-12 doing ballwork and a bit of running.”

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