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Cobra flys the Coop

East Geelong co-captain Ash Brown won’t play with the club in 2018. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

EAST Geelong will enter 2018 without either of its co-captains from last year after confirming Ash Brown won’t line-up in maroon and gold this year.

It’s a further blow for the Eagles and first-year coach Jeremy Power, who will be without fellow skipper Earl Cody after he suffered a serious knee injury during pre-season training.

Brown, who kicked 57 goals in 27 games, including 41 last year, is now based in Canberra with his employment. East had hoped last year’s GDFL Team of the Year member would be right to play, however he will remain in the nation’s capital.

“We’ve been in touch through the whole pre-season knowing that he wouldn’t be back until February,” Power said.

“Then that went to March, and then as it was getting closer and it was uncertain whether he could actually get back, he’s actually decided to make the call early and make it know he won’t be able to get back.

“It frees him up a little bit to play some footy up there if he can.”


Cody is expected to undergo surgery in coming weeks after suffering extensive damage during a training drill.

“It was tackling drill … trying to work through some traffic, and another player’s held onto him and pulled him to the ground,” Power said.

“Unfortunately his foot got stuck in the turf and his knee went backwards a bit.

“It didn’t look to much, but as soon as he got the doctor’s diagnosis it wasn’t good.

“ACL (anterior cricuate ligament), PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), some tendons have come from the hamstring into the back of the knee, and he has some nerve issues where he’s got a bit of deadening feeling in his foot.”


Power says the Eagles are in the process of setting up a fundraiser for Cody, who has been forced off work as a result.

“We’re going to have the hat going around,” he said. “Because he can’t stand up on his foot properly he can’t work.

“If we can tip in something there …”

Having announced Apollo Bay quartet Ryan Rich, Mick Condon, Sam Lowe and Jayden Fanning before Christmas, Power is confident recent additions Will Hoare (South Barwon) and Will Cann (St Mary’s) can have an impact.

Having played Newcomb last week, East Geelong has practice matches against Wyndham Suns (Saturday) and Dunnstown (March 24) to come, before hosting Werribee Centrals in Round 1.

Meanwhile, Blake Quarrier has been re-appointed captain of Werribee Centrals, as has Jamie Phillis at Anakie.

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