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Chris to lead Anakie no more

Anakie coach Chris Moore. (krockfootball.com.au/Al Packer)

CHRIS Moore has stepped down as senior coach of Anakie, comfortable he has achieved his goal of halting the revolving door of players that had previously hindered the club.

Moore spent four years in the role, sharing the position with Jamie Grace in 2016 and Nathan Kenyon last year.

While he was unable to end a finals drought spanning more than 20 years, Moore believes the Roos are well-placed to crack back into the top five in coming years.

And he said that’s a result of the leadership of president Heath Menhennet.

“(He) really stuck his neck out for Jamie and me to stick with the plan of building a list instead of buying one,” Moore said.

“It took a brave president, and he probably copped some knocks along the way.

“But I think the club, in the next few years, will reap the benefits of what Jamie and then Nathan Kenyon and myself have done.”


Moore, who runs the Sir Charles Hotham hotel in Geelong, revealed he intended 2020 to be his last season in charge.

Following five wins, and competitive efforts against grand finalists Bannockburn and Thomson, in the second half of last season, he was bullish about Anakie’s hopes.

“We started to see some of that player retention come to fruition at the end of last year,” Moore said.

“We were looking forward to a really competitive 2020.”


Moore, who spent a stint as interim coach of Winchelsea in 2011, is unsure whether he will coach again.

“With lockdown and no hospitality for 11 weeks, my wife and I had a break,” he said.

“I’ll just take a deep breath. I’ve got kids that play footy; I’d love to help them out.

“Who knows? But at this stage, I’m quite content in sitting back and hopefully seeing Anakie make finals not only next year but years to come.”

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