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Centrals to appeal points

Werribee Centrals will appeal its points allocations for 2019. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WERRIBEE Centrals has become the latest club to appeal its point allocation for 2020.

The Centurions, who reached a preliminary final in their first finals appearance since 2013 this year, have had their 43 points reduced to 40 by AFL Barwon.

Coach Nick Smith has questioned how Centrals have been given the same points total as Bannockburn and Thomson, who have shared the last two GDFL premierships.

“And that’s exactly (the argument) we’re going back to AFL Barwon with,” he said.

“We haven’t played finals for six years, you play one season of finals, and we’re on 40 points, the same as Thomson and Bannockburn.

“It’s extraordinary.”


Smith has labelled it as “punishment” for playing well under their points allocation, including at 38 points in the preliminary final loss to Bannockburn, made up mostly of local and junior players.

“Our recruitment zone is not Geelong, so all the pre-determined figures – BFL players are three points, that doesn’t help us,” he said.

“Our players mainly come from the Western Region (league) and are automatically defaulted to four (points).

“Our equivalent of Geelong recruiting is already costing us one point more.

“And we should be getting a discount because we’re out of Geelong, and that applies to teams like Inverleigh and Winchelsea.

“All of a sudden you’ve had one year of success and they’ve whacked us with everything.”

Smith expects AFL Barwon’s counter-argument to focus on Centrals’ average points.

After sitting at low 30s in the first half of the season before the addition of Matt Smith, David Sablich and Reece Miles mid-year resulted in an increase.

“We don’t mind that logic, but built into the rules is all of these allocations for you to be able to recruit,” Smith said.

“I know they don’t want teams recruiting 5-6 new players – we get that.

“They’ve argued we can use the eight points (we drop) to recruit, but for us, that’s two players.”

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