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Blues keep expectations in check

WINCHELSEA coach Brendan Forssman isn’t looking beyond the next block of six games despite the Blues making their best start to a season since re-entering the GDFL in 2002.

They sit 5-1 heading into the interleague break, with their only loss coming in Round 1, by three points against Geelong West.

It betters their 4-2 beginning to 2007.

“We’ve probably put it (the season) into three blocks of six for the 18 rounds,” Forssman told K rock’s The Wash Up.

“We were hoping to be, potentially, 3-3 after our first six, or maybe 4-2 if we could pinch one.

“So 5-1 is probably a little bit ahead of where we anticipated with the draw that we had. But, we’re under no illusion that we’re coming from a fair way back.

“What we’ve done is give ourselves a good opportunity at the start of the year to be in calculations come towards the end of the season.”

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