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Addie in the clear

Cam Addie arrives at the AFL Barwon Tribunal on Wednesday night. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

GEELONG West veteran Cam Addie is free to play in Saturday’s clash with Belmont Lions after his report for striking was withdrawn before being heard by the AFL Barwon Tribunal on Tuesday night.

Addie was booked by umpire Jim Marinis during the third quarter of the Giants’ win over Werribee Centrals on Saturday night for striking Darryl Chesterman, with the charge referred directly straight to the judiciary.

However, AFL Barwon advocate Arthur Hodgson chose to withdraw the charge before it could be heard by the tribunal panel of Werner Weigl (chair), Robert Carter and Rob Sodomaco.

Addie, who returned to West after a storied stint at Bell Post Hill, was relieved at the decision.

“I think common sense prevailed,” Addie said. “There wasn’t really much to answer for.

“It was just a really small incident that got blown out of proportion.

“I think you have to be (nervous) because your fate is in someone else’s hands, but I was pretty confident.”

Chesterman, who was reported in the same melee for striking Addie, was also in the clear after being found not guilty.

After reviewing the footage, Weigl told the hearing the vision wasn’t clear in showing which player struck Addie and if it was Chesterman “the force was insufficient to warrant a charge of carelessly striking”.

“I didn’t really think there was anything in there and obviously there wasn’t because they reviewed it and there was nothing, so a big relief,”  Chesterman said.

“I was reported for coming in late actually, so after the game getting told that I have to go to the tribunal, I was surprised.

“I thought he’d seen something that I didn’t see and that I was going to get stitched up for a few weeks.”

The news wasn’t as good for Chesterman’s teammate Zac Anthony.

He was found guilty of striking Giant Alex Blair and received a two-match suspension, meaning he’ll miss games against Anakie and Winchelsea.

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