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Six clubs fined for salary cap procedure and points breaches

AFL Barwon boss Lee Hartman. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

AFL Barwon has slapped fines on six clubs for breaches of prcoedure around the salary cap and player points system.

Five clubs have been sanctioned $500, suspended until the end of 2018, for for failing to lodge the player budget and/or player contracts as per the Player Payment Rule.

Another club has copped a $2000 fine, also suspended until the end of next year, for exceeding its points cap after a player withdrawn from the team before a match was replaced by a player with a higher value.

AFL Barwon boss Lee Hartman was quick to stress the Player Payment Rule breaches did not involve player payments.

“The player payments budget and salary cap reporting was due on April 30,” Hartman said.

“Several club failed to meet this deadline, and with some further education still failed to lodge it correctly, so the Commission has sanctioned five clubs.

“Hopefully, educating those clubs and making sure that they get their actuals and their budget and actuals for 2018 in on time, as per the rule.”

Hartman said the Commission determined that the club that exceeded its player points cap didn’t do so deliberately.

“It is a reminder for clubs to make sure if you are replacing players on match-day and they’re not on the official teamsheet that they still fit within your allocated points and not presume what a player’s worth,” he said.

“Clubs need to seek clarification if they’re not sure, but the Commission accepted it wasn’t intentional, but still a severe breach.”

In each case, AFL Barwon has chosen not to name the clubs involved.

“We wanted to work with those clubs to make sure they can get the system right,” Hartman said.

“It is the first year of the statewide policy and the second year of the policy in our region, so rather than naming the clubs, we’re just going to work with them to make sure they’re abide by the rules going forward.”

The sanctions come as AFL Victoria prepares to undertake random salary cap audits across the state in the second half of 2017.

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