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Warrior hit for six

Modewarre’s Troy Anderson has been suspended for six weeks by the AFL Barwon Tribunal. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

MODEWARRE midfielder Troy Anderson has been handed a six-week ban by the AFL Barwon Tribunal for a strike on Barwon Heads’ Braeden Eddy that left the Seagull hospitalised.

Anderson, who was offered a two-week suspension by reporting umpires Steve McDonald, Daniel Robinson and Connor Jose before Barwon Heads asked for the matter to be heard by the tribunal, pleaded guilty to the charge.

The incident in the final quarter of the match at Howard Harmer Oval on Saturday resulted in Eddy being concussed and taken by ambulance to Geelong’s University Hospital.

The Seagull was unable to appear at the hearing, instead, he provided a statement in which he said he has no memory of the incident and only a blurry recollection of the game before half-time.

Eddy was forced to cancel a university exam today and has been unable to return to his part-time job, with doctors diagnosing him with post-concussion syndrome and ordering one week of rest.

Robinson, who was the only umpire to give evidence, told the hearing he was 30m from the incident and saw Anderson and Eddy running for the ball when the Modewarre veteran made contact to the Seagull “with a clenched fist to the side of the head, knocking him out immediately”, and labelling the force a six or seven out of 10

Anderson argued the blow came from his forearm but was unsure whether the contact was with Eddy’s shoulder or head first.

“My thinking was to get the Braeden and the football over the boundary line,” he said.

“He was always going to beat me to the ball … I was thinking of stopping him feeding the ball to teammates.

“I had no intention to get him high.”

In his summary, Anderson’s advocate Michael Fitzgerald told the tribunal his player was “very remorseful” and had made contact with Eddy to apologise.

“He’s very sorry for what’s occurred,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s not is his nature.”

Anderson, who has become the third Warrior suspended in 2018, following forward Josh McDonald last week and playing co-coach John Meesen in Round 1, will be sidelined until the Round 17 clash against, ironically, Barwon Heads.

MEANWHILE, Bannockburn star Matt Tyquin is ineligible for the Whitley Medal after accepting the Match Review Panel’s offer of a two-week suspension for making careless high contact with Bell Post Hill’s Joel Page.

He’ll miss this week’s clash with East Geelong and the blockbuster Round 11 meeting with Inverleigh.

Drysdale will be without Charlie Woodford for Saturday’s clash with Modewarre after taking the one-week offered for striking Torquay forward Paul McMahon.

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